Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Urban Adventure Philly October 2018

Hello Racers:

It was great to see all my race friends from Philly and some new ones as well.
Rain held up, so it turned out to be perfect racing weather.

We had a couple of miscues on the clues. Its quite possible some of you are having Bambi nightmares.

Here are the results.
Its great to be back. Look for the next Philly Urban Adventure race in 2019 on the 3rd Saturday in May

1:46:40 EdWagnerJosephKemp
2:15:19 MarkDixonIanDixon
2:42:16 KerstinPalombaroJoanElsasser
2:43:00 MeridithHaydenAlexHayden
2:47:26 RitaKallieDanFratamicoDaveFratamicoMercedesValeroPinaFratamico
3:12:19 EllenSchatzEthanSchatz
3:35:42 TerryCapriottiSabrinaNeudecker
3:50:12 LeeRapoportAmandaCohen
4:41:10 RobertTorekiScottToreki
4:41:10 Caroline Gil-TorekiEricToreki
4:51:27 AndreaTaylorEricGaitherDrequanTaylor

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