Sample Clue Sheet

  1. Neighboring squares are what you seek. In a battle of NYC newspapers of yesteryear, the squares are named after a publisher for one and a newspaper name for the other. Find a race official for your trivia dare, but before you begin, he will need to see a photo of a nearby owl statue.
  2. Only NYC mayor shot while in office. Take a photo of a statue in honor of this man.
  3. This tavern has welcomed many a famous visitor (Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Morrison, and Norman Mailer to name a few). A legend has it; it was the location of a Welch poet’s final drinking binge. The poet was also the rumored inspiration for Robert Zimmerman’s more well known name. I want to see both of your faces and four white horse heads in the photo. If I see six, you just might get a 5 minute bonus.
  4. Your solution is 4.123105625617661 squared. Proceed to this Pier and locate a race official for all your dare jumping details. Your task involves finding two volunteers to help you get into the swing of things.
  5. #’s 16 and #18 laid in state in this historical NYC building. In the surrounding park of this building, locate the statue of a man who also figures prominently in another clue for this race. I want to see your two smiling faces and our statue friend in the photo. BTW, the smile is not required but I would love to see if you are having fun yet?
  6. PA-65000 just might be the oldest active phone number in NYC. Get your picture taken with the marquee of this hotel.
  7. Used as a landmark for a NYC jeweler, this clock was first placed in 1899 but don’t look up to find it. Don’t worry about your faces being in the picture, a photo with your four shoes and the timepiece will do.
  8. This man was born in Genoa, Italy 1451 but Leif Ericson was never fond of our hero’s claim to fame since Ericson’s settlement of L'Anse aux Meadows is rarely officially recognized as a first. Don’t make a Chinese mistake. The park you seek looks over something Supreme in the state of NY and also has a statue of the hero that you seek. Locate a race official for your spellbound dare.
  9. Alphabetically speaking, it is 4th out of 7 Dwarfs. Take your picture in front of this café. I suggest finding the one in the 212 area. If you stumble upon the ones in 718, knock yourself out. 
  10. This man won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2000 for the WSJ. Take picture of the restaurant bearing his last name.
  11. PHOTO HUNT – Get a picture of two non racers with one giving the other a piggy back.
  12. Return to Kenny’s Castaways for the finish. Please have your passport ready to get stamped

Bonus #1: Bring back an official NY Knick or NY Ranger season schedule (5 minute bonus)

Bonus #2: This bridge’s name is mentioned in the opening of the TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” as the 4th largest city in America. Venture onto its walkway and take a picture of a plaque erected in 1951 mentioning its builder & his father and honoring his wife. (15 minute bonus)


Dares close at 3:45pm. If you miss the cutoff, take a picture to show you were there.