What is Urban Adventure?
Urban Adventure is the team race that will have you explore the heart of a city. At the start of the race, each team will be given a clue sheet that contains clues to 12 checkpoint locations throughout the city. The teams will then have to solve each clue to reveal various locations that they will need to visit together as a team. Most of the checkpoints will center around historically significant landmarks, parks, monuments, statues, works of art and fun locations. At each checkpoint your team will have to perform either a fun task witnessed by a race staffer or take a team photo of the location and/or landmark. Each team can determine their own route and visit the 12 checkpoints in any order. Most teams will cover about 3.5 to 5 miles and finish in about 2 to 3.5 hours. The challenge is to be the first team to cross the finish line after successfully completing all checkpoint activities and getting the required team photos from the other sites.
What will be given to each team before the start of the race?
Clue sheet, T-shirts, race bibs with team number (pins will be provided to attach the bib to your t-shirt) and of course your race passport (the passport will need to be stamped by a race official at several checkpoint locations after successfully completing a fun task).
What are the checkpoint challenges?
Some checkpoints will have the teams perform a fun task. You may have to make a dog out of balloons (picture instructions will be provided), solve a puzzle, test your trivia knowledge, perform a 3 legged race or do something ridiculous. Once successfully completed, a race staffer will stamp your race passport and send you on your way.
What is the course?
There is no set course. We give clues to find checkpoints and each team can determine their own course. The clues are not in a logical order.
Do I need a digital camera?
Absolutely. At the end of the race you must be able to show you took the required photos. The perfect tool for this race is a phone with a built in camera, internet and GPS. Any digital camera where you can show your pictures will do.
How can I move to checkpoints?
You can go at your own pace. You may walk, run, or use public transportation (Bus, subway, trolley car). NO cars, taxis, bikes, rollerskates, skateboards etc.
How long will the race last?
Races start shortly after Noon. Most teams will finish in 2 to 3.5 hours. The race timekeeper will be at the finish line to at least 5pm.
What if I can’t find a checkpoint?
If you can't find a checkpoint, keep looking, ask for help, and look for other teams moving towards a checkpoint. Most clues give you the general location, so move towards it while you figure things out -- you might just stumble upon it. The checkpoint clues are designed to be solved by every team with a minimal amount of trouble. A friend on hand with access to the Internet can help solve most clues quickly.
Can I register without a partner?
Yes, you can register alone, but you must have a partner for race day.
Can my team wear matching costumes?
Absolutely. We have had many teams dress as a Bride and Groom, zombies, superheroes, etc. Don’t be surprised if a picture of your outrageous costume winds up on our website.


Race etiquette
Safety is our number one concern. There is no set course and there will be no blocked off streets for you to race through. Please obey all traffic laws. Racers may not impede or interfere with other racers in any way
All rulings of the Race Official are final
Age limit
There is no age limit to participate but each team must have someone who is 18 years or older. We do allow baby carriages, so your 6 month old is more than welcome
All racers must sign a waiver release on race day
Please feel free to email me any of your other questions