Urban Adventure Race

Urban Adventure is the team race that will have you explore the heart of a city.

At the start of the race, each team will be given a clue sheet that contains clues to 12 checkpoint locations throughout the city. The teams will then have to solve each clue to reveal various locations that they will need to visit together as a team. Most of the checkpoints will center around historically significant landmarks, parks, monuments, statues, works of art and fun locations. At each checkpoint your team will have to perform either a fun task witnessed by a race staffer or take a team photo of the location and/or landmark.

Each team can determine their own route and visit the 12 checkpoints in any order. Most teams will cover about 3.5 to 5 miles and finish in about 2 to 3.5 hours. The challenge is to be the first team to cross the finish line after successfully completing all checkpoint activities and getting the required team photos from the other sites.